I have had a lifelong passion for anything involving transportation and speed in particular. My parents reminded me repeatedly that my first intelligible word was "auto" and not mom, or dad. During my childhood, I would spend significant time drawing with pen and paper, and it was usually cars or architecture that I would spend my time on. I rode a minibike before I was 10, started flying at the age of 13, and drove cars at a similar age under supervision before it was legal. Not too long out of college, my early career was spent selling graphic arts equipment at the dawn of electronic publishing where I got an eye for the visual arts.

Why do I mention all this? I love what I do. I love capturing the essence of a place, an event, the beauty of form, the emotions of people. To me, a good photo should generally be the distilled essence of a moment. It is my job to frame that moment in pleasant light to best communicate the story within the frame. A picture transcends time by freezing it. A good image is there to be replayed and rekindle the feelings of the time it was taken and make one feel like they were there. Like a good book, it allows the viewer to take as much time as they desire to enjoy it, or enjoy it repeatedly if they were part of it.

Ultimately, I hope my photos will deserve a place within your homes, workplace, or other place of meaning. I love to flip back to old images, and enjoy how they take me back to the place and time where they were captured. Photos are magical to me. It is truly visual communication and often times art if done well.

Additionally, I am a independent photojournalist for media outlets on occasion and have shot all the major road racing series including the American Le Mans Series, Grand-Am, IndyCar, AMA Road Racing, Historic Sportscar Racing, Porsche Club of America, and more.

My efforts are in producing clean and accurate images with a slant towards art when the light and moments allow. I have a particular passion for black and white, especially when color detracts from the image.

I can be reached at [email protected] if you have anything special you may be looking for or if I can help you preserve those special moments.